What is love??? - Find out from penfantasy.net

Ever wonder what the exact definition of love is??? Well, today is the day to find out the truth behind it all. As we know the general public has all sorts of definitions to the four letter word: L.O.V.E featured in this video is a discussion about what love could be behind it's dictionary definition. 

What to do with Married cheaters?

First and foremost you want to stop all communication with this person. Even though it may hurt you for a while. It will save you a lot of pain. See one thing about someone who is in a current relationship as far as marriage. They tend to go back to their significant other, and leave you in the dust. To save yourself some pain. Cut all continuing communication now!!! 

Note: If it is found by the courts that you are in an outside relationship with someone married.
          Legal action can be taken upon. Which you may be sued for infiltrating their marriage.

3 Ways to know if He or She is cheating on you?


  1. Doesn't answer the phone when around you
  2. Doesn't come home on time every other day with smells
  3. Hides Social Networking accounts and Emails

  1. Talks to much about a random guy
  2. She doesn't want you to come home on time
  3. Complains more than often and compare you to other guys

1 Way to build Romance and Fire?

You can simply build romance and fire by setting the mood. Most of the concept of Romance is built upon the mind. Once you able to build the thought of fantasy. The romance and fire can be easily executed. By lighting candles at a hotel. Building upon the thought that the next level may happen will extremely send the mind in an orgasmic state.

Long Distance Relationships

Long distance relationships can be rather frightening because of the possibility of knowing your significant other could potentially be someone else. The best way to work this out would be to hang out with your friends. Don't do unethical things with your friends but you want to not have so much time by yourself. Doing so can lead to tragedy. There will be times you will be by yourself but you will be more confident and relaxed. This is key because you want to not lose yourself in this form of relationship. Keep yourself up beat and not down. You will soon notice how much satisfied you are away from your partner at the time being. With dignity and respect to love yourself first.

Break Up 101: My EX called what to do?

Break Up 101: My EX called what to do?

Once you’ve successfully stop all communication with your EX.
The tables are now turned because they are feeling guilt or they miss you.
The reason for this is because by simply stopping all communication with them
You’ve created a zone that will allow time for your EX to start thinking about you.
At this time they’re going through a period of what they once had cannot be
retrieved or is not available at this time. So, therefore they want it back!

At this time you have 2 choices which are: 1.) Take them back or 2.) let it go!
first you want to put them to the test by: A.) Have they changed and B.) Are they
Willing to fix what broke off the relationship in the first place
If you’re answer is 1 and they have passed A and B you have won your way back into
happiness and I congratulate you. 

When they call you must not answer the first time.
Instead call about 2 or 4 hours later. This will show that you have moved on and have a life
without them. Once you do call them back and get into a conversation with them keep it
cordial but have it in your mind what your choice is. By doing this will allow things to run
more smoothly and aggressively free!